Rooftop Renaissance

This family wanted a new roof deck that would give them more privacy and a sense of shelter, yet still remain open to the backyard. A new roof deck was added on top of the existing garage walls. The deck is wrapped with fencing that rotates patterns as it moves around the space. The fencing extends up, integrating into the two pergolas and providing trelliswork for vines. The pergolas act as bookends defining the space while providing a sense of shelter. They also provide structure for hanging a hammock, chairs, or a swinging bench while framing space in the center for a table. To add some pizzazz, the pergolas are inversed from one another with one pointing up and the other pointing down. The 12\’ wide stair opens back to the house acting as a stage for their young children to perform on. The structure is stained white to contrast with the grungy feel of the typical urban alley adjacent to the garage.