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In this phase, we explore design options. The goal is to take your wishes and dreams and create plans that get the right parts in the right places and a create a general understanding of what the form will look like. We often compare two different schemes to show the possibilities with the final design often combining ideas. The design will be converted into a preliminary cost estimate set.  We will engage the contractor(s) for preliminary cost estimates. This phase may include:

  • Working with you to refine the project vision and goals
  • Documenting existing conditions
  • Research zoning (setbacks, etc.)
  • Creating floor plans & site plan
  • Creating a concise light fixture layout
  • Creating exterior elevations and/or 3-D imagery
  • A materials list
  • A preliminary cost estimate plan set


After the general design direction is determined, addition detail will be incorporated into the design. The continued development of the design will proceed using the preliminary cost information as a guide. It may include:

  • Refined plans & elevations
  • Interior elevations
  • Cabinetry layouts
  • Trim details
  • Tile and finish layouts
  • Refined fixture & finish selections
  • Building sections
  • 3D computer or hand sketches of the exterior & selected interior spaces.


We prepare the final drawings that communicate all the decisions we’ve made. The floor plan is refined, elevations are polished, details are thought through and drawn. The goal is to produce a plan set that can be used to get a final cost estimate from the contractor and pull a permit. A full drawing set may include:

  • Refined and annotated drawings
  • Construction details
  • Structural engineering incorporated
  • Refined Electrical/Lighting Plans
  • Cabinetry Details
  • Plumbing, lighting, hardware and finish selections
  • Specifications & schedules


Even the most carefully thought through project will encounter unanticipated conditions during construction. It is helpful to have the Architect involved and available during construction to answer questions, trouble-shoot unexpected conditions, and to help evaluate possible changes during construction. Duties may include:

  • Finalizing any remaining fixture & finish selections
  • Talk through schedule & housekeeping details
  • Create addenda for change orders, if needed
  • Review shop drawings
  • Periodic site visits to aid the contractor in completing the design
  • Create a punch list when the project is near completion


Depending on the project type and scope, other services may be necessary or desired. These services are also available and may include:

  • Overseeing payments to the contractor
  • Engaging a landscape designer to develop a site design
  • Work related to city variance requirements
  • Furniture or fixture design