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At Acacia, I work on all types of projects, both large and small. Anything from new homes to kitchen and bath remodels in existing homes. I also work on cabins and other specialty outbuildings such as detached garage studios, accessory dwelling units, saunas and anything else you can dream of. In addition to full architectural design services, as listed in the Process section, Acacia can offer more limited levels of service. No matter which option you choose, Acacia will always be willing to step in to help with your architectural needs along the way. Some examples include:

Master Planning

Often times there are more goals for a project than the initial budget allows. It is helpful to see all of your remodeling ideas on one plan set first. Master planning allows you to prioritize and divide your project into separate construction phases. This gives contractors the opportunity to develop separate cost estimates and plan accordingly for future phases of construction while preventing duplicate work.

Schematic Design

This is the most critical part of the design process. Exploring design options with an architect will maximize your project potential and get things going in the right direction even if additional services are not desired.

Permit Set

A concise plan set can be provided that has just enough information to pull a permit and begin construction. This allows the homeowner to work through details on their own or with the builder. This offers reduced design fees but leaves out things like cabinetry elevations, material and fixture selections, specifications, electrical plans, etc. 

Hourly Consulting

Meeting at your existing house to offer you feedback and recommendations on how to transform your home to better suit your lifestyle and design goals. Typically this is done in one or more two hour consulting sessions. 

Exterior consultations offer solutions on how to add character to the home through new siding, trim, and window details.

Meeting at a potential home or property before buying to offer feedback on how it could be customized to enhance it. (e.g. You have found close to the perfect house, but it needs a kitchen remodel or room addition to make it fit your needs or you have a property in mind but are not sure how a home could best fit on it.)